About Handy Weaver

Welcome to Handy Weaver !




A few years ago we moved of the grid to rural Arizona. Inspired by the lack of unlimited power, the  Navajo rug makers and the nearby artists of Tubac and Arivaca I decided to start weaving. I weave during the monsoon season and the long winter evenings, the rest of the time is spent building our Rock house. The locals  call me ” The lady that built the rock house”.

I started weaving scarfs to learn how to  weave. Soon I  was offered to sell my creations at the  Cactus Rose Gallery.

Hand woven items have a unique rustic look. I prefer to weave with natural fibers like alpaca, bamboo,  cotton, silk or rayon and when ever possible my materials are purchased locally.

There will never be hundreds of the same scarf woven by me. Hand woven  gifts are a wonderful way of expressing your individuality.  Giving someone you love a specially selected gift reflects the time taken by the gift giver to find such a unique piece of wearable art.


Warm up the loved one who is always chilly with a hand woven  shawl or show the lady in your life how much class you think she has with an elegant  scarf.


in order to preserve the vibrancy of the colors and the shape of the item please hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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